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To love another is to see the face of God.”
Les Miserables

BITBIT ng tatlong anak na lalaki ang kani-kanilang kasuyo sa binyag ng apong Oyayi, ipapakilala marahil sa angkan ang angkin… hinayupak talaga si Andrew E., napakaraming sinulsulan na “Humanap Ka…”

Married I am to a campus beauty queen who graduated at the top of her class
, kaya talagang makukutusan ang Andrew E. kapag nagkita kami sa Las Piñas.

Teka muna, sariling sukat at sipat ang inilalapat ng titingin sa kariktan… dizzying beauty fills the eyes of a beer holder, alak pa! Para hindi na kayo gumastos sa santambak na cosmetic beauty treatments, injections and processes that inflict so much pain and drain on income… ply me with spirits.

And there’s a beyond organic fusion of body and mind—
anuman ang itakda ng diwa sa katawan, tatalima na walang pasubali… Get a grip on the mind, the body acquiesces in utter surrender.

Maliksi ang diwa, maliksi pati katawan… batugan ang ulirat, inutil lumilitaw ang katawan… gunggong ang isipan, mangmang lalabas pati katawan. Kahit naman sa karatedo, 75% ang pagpanday at tuloy-tuloy na pagsasanay sa diwa’t isipan… 25% lang sa katawan—lagi kasing nananaig sa salpukan ang may matipuno’t matatag na isipan.

So when my mind can go at will between a beloved’s ears, it goes without saying that I’ll proceed with my body to go between her thighs… and I will see a reflection of myself in the vision of the beloved.

At makikita nila ang kanilang sarili sa ‘kin.

An’dami naman kasing matutuunan ng masuyong pagtingin, lalo na kapag nabatid, natiyak na iisa at hindi hiwalay ang katawan sa kamalayan.

Astig ang pusang Miaozedong, tindi ng lupit sa pagsila’t lapa ng daga, bubuli, ibon… laging tumatabi sa ‘kin sa pagtulog, parang bola ng busilak na bulak na isisiksik ang sarili sa gawing puson ko, masasal na tugtog ng kubing o Jew’s harp— purr, purr, purr-- ang mauulinig sa katawan niya kapag himbing na… and she’s one possessive pussy, dinadamba’t kinakalmot ang mga kapatid na makikitang hinahaplos ko o naglalambing sa ‘kin.

Plant breeder Luther Burbank claims that plants have over two dozen sense organs… so this sinking feeling that the stand of Chinese bamboo on which I do daily drills on wuyiquan, those bamboos are likely enjoying all that steely caressing, fondling, all such razzmatazz in an intimate interface, even whispering something barely audible, “wishes, wishes, wishes, granted.”

And the lake on whose surface Narcissus contemplated his beauty wept, turning itself into a saltwater body of water: “I weep for Narcissus, but I never noticed that Narcissus was beautiful. I weep because, each time he knelt beside my banks, I could see in the depths of his eyes, my own beauty reflected.”

Whatever guise God wears can manifest, shine out in radiant glory in the eyes of the beloved… blessed indeed are the cross-eyed, they see God twice.


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