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Mooched smooches

“Sexiness wears thin after a while and beauty fades, but to be married to a man who makes you laugh every day, ah, now that's a real treat.”
Joanne Woodward

PAYAK ang pakay ng yakap.

Like a kitten with claws tacked on a clew of yarn I had her summon a protest so kittenish… “Your kids are watching… us.” So the kids learned henceforth that fond affections and fiery tenderness attend sessions of mooching smooches… that’s going through centrifugal oscillations prior to doing centripetal… yes, slow down, stop and smell, deflower.

May nakapupog na pala sa gilid ng leeg kamakailan, hindi napansin na nanlilimahid na yata sa lipstick, breath freshener, mouthwash, disinfectant-flavored ice cream… pero napansin ng suki sa Farmers Market, mataas pa ang araw pero suson-suson na raw ang tuklaw, lapang, sagpang at sakmal ng vampira sa ‘kin… such nerve committing a felony in broad daylight, she muttered…

I reasoned that, indeed, ‘twas broad daylight. Such broad must have been too myopic, why, she whispered a tongue lashing on my neck. She missed, and made a fine mess.

Anupa’t pandalas na dagdag na kaskas, kuskos at kiskis ang sinapit ng leeg mula suki… kawawa na ang nadukutan, mas kawawa pa raw sa misis ang mister na nilunod sa mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Or came head to head and argued tongue to tongue.

Kailangan pang magpasaksak ng anti-rabies or anti-tetanus. Para hindi manigas ang, uh, panga.

Confronted by the household goddess for both decent and indecent extrication, I reasoned that I had to make good on a promise not to go hot under the collar—just under the sheets.

Aah, I always bring with me a kiss-and-make-up kit… how can she throw things at you when you throw her a ton of kisses?

Too, a journalist works in a broad sheet, and often chooses to work in earnest on a broad… even pray, “give us this day our daily broad.”

I thought all along kisses—Hershey’s come in plastic bags— came free with pet dogs; they give a thorough licking on the more vulnerable body parts… pooches mooch smooches, and you can melt as ice cream does, thoroughly licked and slathered even in parts most ticklish.

A bit of a peck on the cheek is deemed genteel form—one has to start somewhere somehow… besides, I deem the dermatology on the derriere a lot smoother, fairer and pimple-free… appreciation for beauty can go more than doggy skin-deep there. That goes as backside compliment for giving both cheeks.

Now turn those cheeks over, uh?

Go deep we shall, dear, since ancients believed that the spirit was carried in one’s breath… all those kisses got us catching our breaths… and kisses tug at the spirit—including a robust 106-proof Kweichow Moutai that packs an equine kick—and supposedly entwine lovers (livers?) spiritually. What a mesh!

I’m not complaining though— kissing can leave you tongue-tied, making sense with the sense of touch and taste, telling how much you can love without saying a word or foaming in the mouth.

What a way to enjoy silence…


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