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Merry Kris Aquino and a happy new ear

Lahad ng anak sa
WASN’T able to deposit my salary for the month, ang haba kasi ng pila on the remittance centers that I usually have my hard earned dough sent and we only go down once a month to do so. I might be able to deposit it by next year.

How are things doing there on your end? Couldn’t help but laugh at my niece's facial expressions on your Facebook profile, ha-ha-ha-ha (ugly starfish hands). Posted some on my Friendster photos as part of my family album, ganda ni Mama du’n sa pic na nakita ko on your posted photos, a lot of my friends commented on it. (May pinagmanahan pala daw.)

It’s a holiday up to the 10th here, so far the cold is still tolerable; it’s hadj time at Mecca. At least I get to have some rest for a few days, with pay. Ayos ‘yung laban ni Pacquiao kaso ‘ala masyadong thrill unlike his previous fights. I was expecting a brawl.

Tipid tipid muna, things are still looking gloomy. I find it funny that there is still that complacency over there…