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Bully at the High Court

WHEN push came to shove, a Quezon City judge proved that he was made of less sterner, too-mortal stuff—and buckled under brazen bullying of a High Court official.
No matter: The judge had made his stand, inked a decision on a case involving a government financial institution in favor of the other party assailing the cash-strapped,
graft-ridden, debt-saddled GFI… such a status for the GFI stood firmly at quo. But once the Ombudsman pries its nose into that institution, the anti-graft body would likely convulse in loathing, but that’s another story.

GFI honcho, rather than bow to the judge’s ruling, chose to grovel to his University of the Philippines frat brod who happens to be a Supreme Court official. Aah, a deputy court administrator can be a lofty post, yeah, but hoisting a bull or a bully that high neither transforms nor lends nobility to the beast-- a bully in a china shop is just another bully out to wreak havoc.

So this Supreme Court goon went after the lower court judge, nudge…