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Id for idea

ALL’S fair, even in pouncing on a fair lady—“I would have ravished and lavished you with affection but can’t, the paper we work for trussed us off to ‘why pay’ zone!”

Stunned and struck at a loss for words, she didn’t fell off her chair… likely fell for her bushwhacker, right eye flicking a fast beat like her heart’s— so primitive a reaction for the brain’s left half to process a sudden assault of information…

The left brain reins language, reigns over the dexterity of the right hand, the ability to sort out things—tasks that demand reason and routine… uh, she could have (1) swung back with a slap or a blow that points up 2.5 million years of right-handedness (2) flung a splash of soup or slurp of wine, or (3) spouted a stream of colorful language, a tongue lashing, a defensive growl… why, findings suggest the “left brain’s capacity for controlling manual action extended to controlling the vocal apparatus for speech.”

Scored 0-3, she did none of the above, whew!

The lovely lady later went for (4) confessing a secret passion for poetry… better drop her a line—plus hook and sinker-- sometime.

Gift of gab plus grab does that to unwary prey, conveying intents erratic and purposes erotic.

You can give and take as much: a different tack was plied at the drinking joint where beloved departed Julius Fortuna and I often passed time boozing or catching the early evening news… I must have caught the fancy of this well-stacked number, she gave me a devouring look… a vixen’s yearning, heat-seeking missile of a gaze tugging off below the belt. Gird for fever-pitched battle!

Polite diplomatic brush-off in such a close call for horizontal spatial relations: “Ikagagalak ko pong kayo’y makadaupang-ari pero sadyang hindi po maaari. Nais punuan ang inyong guwang pero ako po’y buwang.

Nose to the wind as a wolf does… scour the cocktail of smells and aromas for whiffs of blowtorch, frantic and frenzied mating urges… uh, you got the sniffles? You can catch colds, but get the hots if finely tuned in to the ambient air.

The go mad gonad signs beg to be read, pored intently… tiis ka na lang kung gunggong ka na hindi marunong magbasa kahit traffic signals, libro, peryodiko— sasagasaan ka lang talaga, tigok ka.

Hala, basa… basa… basa… read to lead the beloved into the paroxysms of a mind-expanding orgasm… inundate every date… basa.

The year bodes well for those who can read body chemistry… the United Nations declared 2011 as Year of Chemistry, so auspicious for reading between the lines, between the sheets, between the legs…


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