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ELMO, hindi ko bitbit sa gabi ng parangal ang pinakabagong siyota na may sukat 38-26-36, labanos ang kutis… mas matangkad sa ‘kin, hawas ang mukha, may ngiti sa mga mata… malambing.

Ka-chat kagabi si Dave Gomez— sa Lausanne, Switzerland pa rin… nasa Luzon ka—at naungkat bakit maniac pa rin ang Diablolo na tulad ko… ah, the good that you do comes back tenfold and I must have been bed in good.

Napipika naman si Dennis Fetalino, how come dates turn up as 30-somethings that defile the rules plied out in a Taoist sex manual that I have access to… uh, rules like hymen are made to be lapped up and lacerated, right?

‘To pa namang Dennis, ang madalas ipukpok sa bumbunan ko, “Spread the blessings.” Not my fault or misreading of the language when ‘blessings’ turn up as ‘thighs feminine’ in my lexicon.

Blessing = a state of beatitude = happiness. That’s how the Scriptures had it down pat. We misconstrue the pursuit of happiness as chasing skirts with shapely beauties in them, nah, it’s an inner state that just oozes, ripples out and laps up in its path any obstacle as the floodwaters of a river does…

To be awash in oxytocin, endorphin, amygdalin and such… yes, the cocktail of so-called ‘happy hormones’ flooding one’s bloodstream, exuding a glow in the entire body, filling a blaze of suns in the eyes…
kaya nga may kaliyag… at may mga kaliyab.

Only the worrisome, sorry sourpuss gets turned off, wince in revulsion at such a blessed holocaust, sacred offerings…

The same ‘happy hormones’ surge as prairie fire in the bloodstream after the high-intensity drills on fist and elbow blows each morning—the tummy has to be empty to really feel what a phoenix feels as it burns in a pyre and rises from its ashes, renewed, ready to soar to newer skies.

Mahirap ‘yang kulang na sa harumpak, kulang pa sa pagpag ng katawan… tiyak na daldal, tungayaw, at katsang sa buong maghapon at magdamag ang ibubuga n’yan… pulos laway saka halitosis lang ang lalawa sa bunganga ng ganyan.

Nakaulo sa pinakahuling kolum sa People’s Tonight ng lumisang mahal, Odette Alcantara, “Do more, talk less.”

Para bang sinabi niya, love more, learn more…dare some more… go far so you get to know how far you can go… we really haven’t gone too far, have we?

Sa Sunset Pavilion pala ng Sofitel ang gabi ng Bright Leaf Awards for Journalism… sisiputan ‘ko, pero hindi ko bitbit do’n ang pinakabagong siyota na may sukat 38-26-36, labanos ang kutis… mas matangkad sa ‘kin, hawas ang mukha, may ngiti sa mga mata… malambing.


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