Saturday, December 16, 2006

Satan's clause

TWO of every three Filipinos say they will vote “No” in a plebiscite on a new Constitution that the current top tenant in Malacañang wants, according to the November 2006 Social Weather Stations survey.

The telling clause to that sentence? A new Charter that the current top tenant in Malacañang wants.

We can also substitute another clause. Say, a new set of errand dogs that the current top dog in Malacañang wants elected.

Plunk down another clause. What about new Garci that the current top resident in Malacañang wants for more satisfying mid-term election results?

Surveys like that one plied by SWS come in handy questionnaires. Respondents’ replies to questionnaires don’t necessarily reflect genuine sentiments.

Sentiments can be swayed, say, at gun point or before an overwhelming presence of hired riff-raff bristling with menace and mayhem plus firepower.

People’s sentiments and perceptions can also be coaxed for suitable ends with some legal tenderness.

Sumptuous sums could be trickled down to the nation’s 42,000 barangays to win converts and perverts. People’s talk is cheap and should be fixed. Money talks.

Wrenched off the pockets of the nation’s army of taxpayers for the 2007 spending binge is a P127-billion war chest for Malacañang. Let the taxpayers weep at that.

The monies can convince voters to switch their loyalties. They’ll likely do that without a twinge of regret.

Monies can also persuade oppositionists to switch their allegiance, even drop out of the poll race.

If that doesn’t work, more monies can ensure another Garci clone or a similar set of operatives to knead poll returns.

Lap dogs, attack dogs, and errand dogs for Malacañang should garner most of the seats in both chambers of Congress. A canine majority must be kept intact so as to quash any try at toppling the top tenant in Malacañang.

That ought to be the scheme of things unreeling before our eyes in 2007.

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