Friday, September 03, 2010

Off Facebook

ADMEN surmise that every Facebook contact ripples out to 10 others that can reach out to another 100—and that means, in my case, a base of 3,270 consumers linking up with 327,000 people to which services, products, and ideas can be plied to. Infect one with a plague, a pestilence breaks out.

Look what we got here… a two-bit tenable working model for the myth of the 100th monkey, uh, monkey see, monkey do… and in a huddle of 100 monkeys, as the myth goes, one through Ombudsman trial and error gains a new skill or maybe learns to sing like an angel… and the rest instantly picks up the skill or the Vienna Boys Choir gets their vocal chords clogged with monkey wrenches.

We know better—there are mostly errors than cases brought to trial by the Ombudsman, and all the chatter of simians and baboons we get to hear emanate from the House of Representatives, yeah, monkey business thrives there.

Huwag na huwag hihimlay sa unggoy ng duyan.

Sabi nga ni Rep. Manny Pacquiao na tinolang manok ang paboritong lutuin, nakakatikim pa na maging pinikpikang manok ang sariling katawan sa paghahanda sa salpukan… “aray ko, galing ko!”

Uh, that Thai stick regimen in the martial arts doesn’t lend the body impervious to pain… it simply lends mental toughness to endure pain and a reason to sell pain-relief pills… which won’t likely be prescribed for silicone shots into the rump… a feign in the ass.

So I swore off Facebook, and won’t keep tabs on my account for at least a length of time… Everybody can surely feel safe and secure now. I won’t be inflicting any sort of virulence and violence in the span of an indefinite period….

Too few monkeys to pick nits with if you’re a King Kong or a Tarzan of the Apes, yeah, Facebook isn’t the sort of social nit-working site that knits a trawl line to gather schools of fish… or spreads out arson in a bushfire, even as ignis fatuus the attainments of the 100th monkey of myth.

Saka napansing santambak na ang nambubulabog sa ‘kin sa isa kong web log… pulos kan jin ang mga naiwang sulat na hindi ko matugon… mula Taiwan, China, Singapore… at iba pang lupalop ng mundo na may Chinatown… nagpapasalamat, pulos naghihintay ng mga kasunod na isasalpak kong sulatin. Sila ang gusto kong pagbigyan.

I’d like to warn them especially the ladies that once the output of the pen gets between their ears, the input of the pen is…uh, that was that lapsus calami, pen is… pen is going to snuggle and gore through between their thighs.

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