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Ultra tragedy in the works

A moneyed Malacañang hopeful hitched his wagon to moneyed star that was Willie Revillame—and had his high hopes ending in the ditch… why, the bloke was his usual grumpy self when he bellyached how the Cory funeral procession got in the way of his show’s cheerful bedlam… was that the height of callousness and insensitivity?

That wasn’t.

He challenged his ABS-CBN bosses to dump another talent and threatened to quit if he does not get his way. He didn’t get his way. So he parted ways with the network that nurtured his rising star— sure, it takes all kinds as Dennis F. insists… there are greats, near-greats… and there are ingrates.

His ABS-CBN bosses had been seeing to his weal—as he amassed wealth—as scandals and grieving victims, remember the 73 dead and hundreds of grievously injured in the ULTRA stampede, were hushed… they were too protective of their ward. They gave him the breaks, after all.

He could have ridden out into the sunset after a run-in with his bosses over a silly whim… he had millions and probably wanted more, plus a daily scalding bath in the glare of klieg lights… fame!

So he’s plying the same rigmarole over at ABC-5.

What about his contract with his erstwhile bosses? Not to be bothered with such… that can be dishonored, ah, all it touches off is a civil suit that can drag for ages… no discomfiture or discomfort for someone who can still make hay while the sun shines.

Let’s make this clear. ABS-CBN and ABC-5 aren’t in a tug-of-war to gain possession of a franchise persona. Willie’s erstwhile bosses likely want him to give it a long sabbatical if he can’t do honor to his contract, give such a legal agreement the time to lapse, why, the guy ought to give a try at movies… and when the agreement no longer holds, why, he can do a comeback.

Honor isn’t time-bound.

ABS-CBN and ABC-5 are now locked in a civil suit-- with the latter hiring the services of six law firms to gain upper hand, even win the case. It turns out—well, singkong duling is how we tab five centavos these days—they have a weak case… one tack is to attack the magistrate handling the case filed in Makati.

ABC-5’s battalion of barristers is out to condition the minds of people… in case they lose, the judge was biased against them. So trite and tested a tactic by lawyers who know that they can’t win.

In my book, this isn’t about winning or losing a court case. It’s about honor… and acquitting one’s self as a man of honor.

And that’s the ultra-tragedy that’s about to unfold…


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