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HIDEOUS destructive powers under leash… Greek term for such is praus referring to war steeds. It translates to ‘meek’ that the Messiah cited in the Beatitudes, what it takes to be happy.

“Happy are the meek for they shall inherit the earth.”

Fair warning: the meek won’t be trampled to a pulp, grounded to compost and buried in earth’s bowels to lay claim to their inheritance… they’ll likely do all-out land-grabbing.

In the meanwhile, bleat drums and sound out a shy hiss as a teakettle does before spilling out some of its scalding intent, uh, content… so much content in contentment.

Praus mauna—uh, Polynesian for mountain-- ang hiya ng inyong imbing lingkod na isinilang sa Taon ng Kabayo bilang pagpupugay sa datal at dasal ng Taon ng Kuneho, Year of Chemistry— kaya hee-yaah! hee-yaah, tigidig… tigidig… tigidig!

Nakagiliwan na kasing makipagniig sa buhangin, tabsing, araw at simoy-amihan diay ti amianan sa pagsasalit ng luma’t bagong taon…
it’s a ritual romp with the elements to start a year on a childish whimsy.

That means some solemn moments on the beach doing reverse stands… standing on one’s head, on one’s palms, on one’s fingers... with two-bit prayer and meditation thrown in. And some chanting of an arcane, eldritch mantra: “Sshow… Mme… Duh… Money…”

And a few cartwheels to cap that rite with a burst of exuberance so childish— here’s another year to romp through.

Not really recommended for those with cardiac conditions, such praxis for pointing up a communion with primeval forces—a down-to-earth meek gesture.

At kapag ganitong gumugulong, este, gumugulang na, kung anu-anong sintomas ng karamdaman yata ang nararamdaman— makasilip lang sa pagitan ng nag-uumpugang papaya ng dilag, rumaragasang tambol at tambuli na ang dibdib… masilayan lang ang nakabukang bukana ng mutya, naninigas mula gulugod hanggang tuhod at tulatod…

Tumatanda nang lulugod-lugod— kakaiba yata sa lulugo-lugo’t uugod-ugod.

Napakaraming hahandugan ng sala’am at salamat kapag ganitong paalis na ang isa na namang taon… ang pamunuan ng Philip Morris sa pangunguna ni Capitan Lucio Tan sa kanilang walang sawang kaloob ng Marlboro Black… sa pamunuan ng University of the East sa pangunguna ni Capitan Lucio Tan sa walang sawang pagtangkilik sa aming gawaing pantasan… sa Tanduay na nakakagiliwang tunggain ng ilang pinuno ng National Press Club, lalo na ang Ronniel de Guzman at Tinay Maralit…

Sa mga masugid na mambabasa ng pitak na ito na, ulat po sa ‘kin, sanlinggo daw na pagbabasa’t paghimay ang ginagawa nila para mahagip ang katuturan… kahit santambak pa ang sahog na kalibugan.

Kina Donna Mercado at Jonalyn Perez sa walang sawang pagtitiwala…

Kina Harbonah at Hasmed, Uriel, Azriel, Simkiel… Za’afiel, Af, Kolazonta, Hemah, Tar’athyail at Kemuel… sa patuloy na paglingap.

Kina Barakiel, Bariel, Adoniel, at Rubiel… kina Cathetel, Risnuch, Donachiel… sa aking kabiyak, mga supling, apo at mga alagang aso, pusa’t pananim…

And to our Father who art in Heaven… bequeathing so much content in contentment, so much hearty beat in our beatitude.


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