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SAINT Stephen couldn’t have paved a road or built a solid foundation with all the stones they hurled at him… for a man who kept the faith, he suffered the punishment meted to unfaithful wives in places where shariah law rules—stoned dead…

Poor wives… penalty for unfaithful husbands would make Manila top honcho Alfredo S. Lim groan for saying that the law applies to all, otherwise their application letters and applicants ought to be thrown together in a paper shredder… decrepit, misfit applicants who won’t get hired in any job.

St. Stephen’s Day—December 26-- coincides with the public holiday celebrated in England, Australia, Canada and other Commonwealth countries, Boxing Day… the upper class gives thanks to their drivers, maids, and other service workers with gifts of money, food, clothing, and other goods…

Let’s get this straight, all that gratitude and generosity go to those who serve, they deserve it—idlers and lazybones deserve to be treated as punching bags.

Why Boxing Day: gifts of cash, food, and other goods were stuffed into boxes for easy transport… it turns out the goods were distributed based on family needs and the services they’ve given to the giver…

With all those boxes of goodies given away, today’s celebration has the looks, the equivalent of a disaster relief operation in our strangled neck of the woods. What a disaster Christmas has become hereabouts— those nights of carols… tuneful singing is praying twice, woeful singing is a curse many times over… nagmurap lang nang nagmurap… they can’t carry a decent tune, why dump indecencies on unsuspecting households?

Ah, Boxing Day… Say, if the chauffeur or D. H. Lawrence’s gamekeeper in “Lady Chatterley’s Lover” warms missus’s bed for the hubby, it’s likely the carnal services rendered is gifted with the missus, all of her in a safe-box… call that a gift of money.

Be it resolved as it is hereby resolved today when the Sun conjoins planet of explosive power Pluto… ah, transformation is slathered thick in the air, thus, new year resolutions begun and trotted out today will be done… shift happens now.

My online Druid lets out her counsel: “Do you want to be financially free? Comfortable and secure? Think of someone who already is financially free, comfortable and secure and, then, breathing in through the tip top of your head bless that person. Now, exhale that same breath through your belly and keep blessing that person. Do this all the day long. Bless away.”

Here’s looking forward to the United Nations-declared “Year of Chemistry” in 2011… most of the women I’ve laid bare, oops, laid my eyes on don’t wear chemise… they wear me out.

That’s fashion. Maybe passion.


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