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Ad hocus-focus

SPREAD a million gallons of water over a hundred hectares, you got rain. Same volume fitted in a thumb-sized hose, shot smack into the solar plexus—now, that’s killer focus.

A hundred or so bulbs blazing throughout the confines of a theatre stage, that’s floodlighting. All that heat and light bundled and tapered thin as a pin cuts through metal, anything that stands in its way— and that’s laser focus.

No hocus-pocus-- there’s wondrous downright real magic in focus that allows a 100-pound weakling, uh, someone surnamed Hu from China, to flick out a half-a-ton punch that rips through the rib cage… sure, the rib cage is the surest way to a man’s heart and lungs.

Plural form of “locus” is “loci”… for focus, now don’t you enunciate that with so much smirking and smacking…

Susi—opo, titik “i” at hindi “o” ang nasa huli ng kataga—pala sa puspos na kasiyahan ang tindi ng tutok ng isip sa ginagawa… talagang bubulwak ang tinatawag na happy hormone or oxytocin sa bukal ng utak. Itsapwera na lang ‘yung wala talagang utak… na pulos hinagpis, hapis, dusa, lumbay, bumbay, lungkot, lunggati, pighati, at dalamhati ang tinatamasa.

Iba na ang mahilig sa kalat… pulos kuyagot at basura ang ikakalat… pati kukote, nagkakalat.

‘Yung nakatutok—kahit pa sa nakabukang bukana lang—tiyak titindig, matikas na papasok, titikim sa luwalhati ng pagniniig… gano’n katindi ang bisa ng
focus… ‘yon ang tinutukoy na kahit 17 segundo lang ng todong tutok-isip, katumbas ng santaong gawa… at kung kaya sa 68 segundo, katumbas ng 1,000 taon— tiyak na matutupad anumang mithi na tinuunan ng isip…

Ulitin natin ang pasubali o
tax exemptions. Itsapwera ang mga mintis, mahina ang isip o wala talagang isip… kung sariling katawan hindi maisalang at mapanday sa disiplina, sariling isipan pa, pwe-he-he-he!

Mungkahi lang naman kasi ‘to kay Mang Lauro… itutok lang ang dalangin ninyo…
pray with all you can muster-summon of your psyche and sinew to my guardian archangel Barakiel who governs over retribution and vengeance, sense of humor, scalpel wit, games of chance—uh, jueteng, sakla and lotto included-- and, aah, lightning… kaya nga kabuntot ng kanyang ngalan, “lintik lang ang walang ganti.”

Masidhi’t mataimtim na dalangin talaga ang iniaalay sa kung anuman ang minimithi…
don’t ask for justice because all you’ll get is just ice.

Pleas and pleadings that aren’t specific just get dumped in the Pacific… so be specific.

Focus… focus… that’s the tough fabric that weaves itself into miracles and wonders.


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