Friday, November 05, 2010

Web log entry #113

PAST customary peck on neck—too high an aim for one who goes for peck, peck below—Estella, trader-entrepreneur from Seoul re-introduced me as her “long lost boyfriend.”

On top of such introduction, why, she usually prefers me atop her, she rues aloud that she can’t take me out on a date—uh, that’s short for accommodate and inundate hers.

Welcome my rules she has to—“take a number; fall in line; I’ll get to you after I’m done with the others or after they’re done with me, whatever comes first, but they usually come one after the other; wait to be sated.”

But there are no hard and fast rules when a gorgeous damsel like her wants it hard for a member of good standing…

She’d still pry why I turn up kim chi with local chillies—they pack a lot more conflagration and fiery flavor over jalapeños, habaneros or Cantonese capsicum. Cuisine ought to be arson in reins.

Nope, she didn’t query why I’d always lap up a raw meaty Korean yummy, something called bulbolgogi.

Pry on she would why I picked up the more brutal taekyon and hwarang-do over the more popular taekwondo… why, their techniques are a lot ruthlessly lethal and hews nearer to the spirit of kyokushinkai introduced by another Korean, a Kamikaze pilot who became known as Masutatsu Oyama.

Of quaint rites culled from the Land of the Morning Calm, I trudge off ashore and do obeisance to the sea at the dawn of each New Year… lots and lots of wetness, that’s my cup of cha-cha… so unlike a nodding Korean acquaintance who turn up every last few days of the year at a resort in Ilog Malino in Bolinao, Pangasinan to do a similar ritual of greeting the sun.

He wants it hot, I want it wet—to each his own preference of paying respects to Nature.

Such acquired idiosyncrasies struck a chord in her heartstrings… they still profess and practice kinship with Nature… that explains why I got one from the land of the morning come.

I shouldn’t be posting this entry in my Facebook account… (Name) “is in a relationship but it’s complicated.” Lousy worn out stock phrase that.

More to my liking would be a post pumped with innuendoes like this… “is in and out, in and out, in and out in what passes for a relationship, something so simple since complications can only arise in one suffering from a disease in its terminal phase, pwe-he-he-he!”

Estella tells them I’m good.

Modesty aside, I could be worse.

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