Friday, January 15, 2010

Cool it, fiery granny

HOW refreshing the whinny of a pack horse unloaded of everything! A Zen sage knocked that into a novice monk’s head to point up how burdens can cause anyone to stall, be stripped of poise, trip—travel lightly, carry your self farther with surer steps and ease.

She carries a few cannons, maybe weapons of mass distraction and a chip or two on her shoulders. For a doting granny and feisty lawmaker to bear such crush of load is feat par for an Atlas, but we wish she’d shrug off the excess to spare her limbs lithe and legs lovely sore sprain and pain.

Holler “Fire in the hole!” come next week as spitfire Sen. Miriam P. Defensor-Santiago totes out a barrage, all barrels blazing, Interior Secretary Ronnie Puno on her sights.

Her acid-spiked stock of words spat out or spouted in fiery aplomb has endeared her to the media… quotable quips galore, what a grandmother!

Quotes and quibbles settle down, all fire and fury peters out into ashes… what lingers at day’s end are impressions that the Chamber of Elders-- senate connotes senile—is turning into a haven for harpy haranguers with hatchets honed and hatched schemes against their foes.

The current Congress has three weeks left in its calendar to go about its business—that’s a mere nine “session days” or an overstretched week, lawmakers actually hold three-day weekly sessions. A mere nine days before the barnstorming… off would go to the campaign trail the likes of grand lady Miriam to woo voters (I’ve always voted for her, yeah, because she got balls between her legs) and win hearts and minds.

She need not devote any of such nine days to breathe fire or go toxic. No need to waste time. Excess load of grief and grudges past are too burdensome even for a pack horse that ought to be running with grace and ease.

Well, ‘twas Ronnie who’s prime suspect as the culprit behind Miriam’s loss to FVR in the 1992 presidential race—not by a nose she turned up as also-ran, just by the length of a cigar. Bury the hatchet? She wants it buried… into Ronnie’s skull?

Ronnie has kept his cool; Miriam, her fire.

Eighteen years after that 1992 grievous loss is a long time, we hopefully wish she can let go and, thus, go far. Which we and she deserves.

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