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Kalam at alam ng sikmura

Kalam-sikmura ng anak sa
GOT the surprise of my life when this creature came up at my worksite. The ever inquisitive prick I am I went to pick it up-- ha-ha-ha… a hedgehog... it’s now under the care of a Malaysian colleague since I couldn’t watch it as constantly as I can... it’s named Sonic after Sonic the Hedgehog.... it’s still in its adolescent stage I think and it’s pretty defensive with small grunts but he's cute...looks like a rat that had overgrown hairs sticking out of it.... at least this one gazes at me it will be more acceptable rather than that poor excuse of a falcon who mocked me way, way back.

Ramadan has officially started here...and I am having a hard time trying to keep up with not eating for nearly an hour, let alone a few more hours to say the least; I need to store up fats, winter months are coming up again so I’ll be bloated again… sarap kumain ‘pag malamig kasi so for sure mas lalong magiging kamukha ko si Bonyat..

Oh and I have met somebody already, well she is still back home of course. We have been constant chat mates burning the cyber field like there is no tomorrow that’s how dating goes nowadays especially if you’re this far away. Her name is Camilla Blanca, that’s her in the pictures I’ve tacked to this letter. Since I couldn’t introduce her to you folks, might as well send you her picture....she's a nurse, not licensed yet. She hasn’t taken the boards either... she's very much a female version of me. We have the same views on things. She also went to treks as well and campovers although not the type of campovers that we did then. She's my current beau and we both feel we are going eventually "there" so I'm keeping my hopes up, knowing more about each other and stuff. Practically we are the same on a lot of things and we both see each other as the we click just right.

We both feel that we can make it through and that she is willing to wait for me; I still have one more year ahead of me to finish, which is good, she's not like the previous girls although she is six years younger than me. Hope you will love her as much as I do. She looks tall doesn't she? (She’s as tall as I am) and quite the looker too. I will introduce her formally to you guys when I come home, at least now you know how she looks like. Do wish us luck as I am already getting old myself you know.

How are things there on your end? I heard Arjuna is there with you, how are his studies? What about Angeli? It’s September na you’re about to become grandparents very soon...

Alam-tiyan ng ama sa
FIRST night of Ramadan, I had pasta and beers with Dennis Fetalino and friends at Indulgence… he had to re-mat the paper’s front page, went back to the news desk… a more gruesome snapshot of the Davao bomb blast turned up in the wires… I had to excuse myself, trudged over next to Manila Pen and laid siege to some pureed corn soup, dunked into my bowl some slabs of goose liver pâté, got drunk on cognac… and whooped it up… in 1979 your Mama and I locked eyes at the same venue, got stuck in a moment you can’t get out of and she’d kept me under wedlock and key since…

You have this thing with nurses…

Sa bahay na nga umuuwi si Arjuna, and I had to tell him to give more time to physics-- one of my favorite school subjects, why, I’m now into quantum physics that allows me to link up with the root of algebra, ah, Al-Jabbaru or “God the Mender/Compeller.”

Afflatus: that divine name nicely ties in with the idea of hormesis—from an ancient Greek word hormáein, "to set in motion, impel, urge on" -- for favorable biological responses resulting from low exposures to toxins and other stressors. What doesn’t kill strengthens. It’s what Paracelsus had in mind when he stressed nothing’s poisonous, everything’s poisonous—all’s in the dosage.

By adapting to challenges to be tougher than tough conditions, say, lack of food, the body compensates, making it more robust. Tenable alimentary stress from reduced calorie intake or fasting during Ramadan actually stimulates the body to defend itself against insults of disease-causing oxidative stress.

In recent studies on lab rats, incorporating calorie restriction to a diet high in fish oil upped the rats' lifespan six-fold-- from a 40 percent increase to a whopping 265 percent increase in lifespan. Indeed, fasting is one of the secrets of longevity.

Alam mo naman ang kinagigiliwan kong lantakan matapos ang maghapong ayuno: frugal fare like broad and butter… mongo guisado, a side dish of cilantro with pekpeksiw


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