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So what else is nukes?

NORTH Korea finally capped its taunts at the US a clutch of years back with a test nuclear blast. That ought to have been done in this neck of the woods during the small hours of New Year’s Day for Filipinoise who opt to start any year with lots of noise and air pollution.

North Korea’s Kim Jong Il can taunt some more, flaunt his nation’s nuclear arsenal—which isn’t that formidable—and hurl jeers at George W. Bush, tempt him into an invasion, a surgical strike, outright abduction or any similar act of aggression.

Noblesse oblige but Bush won’t oblige him.

Unlike Iraq’s largely untapped reserves of oil, there isn’t a drop of sweet crude that can be dug in North Korean soil, that’s why. Besides, Bush loathes broccoli and it is likely he won’t ever try to stuff himself with kimchi.

North Korea can crow about its nuclear weaponry but the country still stays dirt-poor, nearly dependent on South Korea’s generosity to keep their population off the breadline. Unlike a devastated Iraq which can generate petrodollars to pay for the reconstruction of its ruined cities and townships, North Korea can’t swap vats of kimchi to pay US construction outfits and planners.

Yeah, there’s no multi-million dollar rebuilding business that can be finagled out of North Korea should Bush include it in his global war on terror.

Sure, North Korea is stocking up weapons of mass destruction that can be launched at any of American allies in the Asia-Pacific region, say Japan, Singapore or the Philippines are those within zapping distance. But the possibilities for making huge profits out of attacking North Korea are nil.

Kim Jong Il can rave and rant all he wants—he’s no Saddam Hussein who ruled over an oil-rich turf, whose territory didn’t yield any weapon of mass destruction.

We can all yawn with Bush at Kim’s antics.

After all, it’s Bush’s nation which can crow about its huge stockpile of weapons of mass destruction-- no less than 10,600 nuclear warheads intact, 8,000 of which are considered active or operational and 3,000 ready for launching...

Now, that’s really scary.


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