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An earful of Garci [People's Journal editorial 28 November 2005]

AS a relic of current history, the “Hello, Garci” chit-chat won’t ever make it as valid proof in any Philippine court, so sage lawyers have reminded the nation. In response, a firebrand butcher from William Shakespeare’s Henry VI also offer an impolite albeit impulsive counsel: “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.” We’re not taking any of these two cents.

We’re smack flat with “People Power” fatigue and we don’t give a fart if the Malacañang occupant is president or resident.

We’ve heard the “Hello, Garci” dialogue over and over. We’ve grown numb from an earful like that. Kailangan pa bang i-memorize ‘yan?

“Hello, Garci” has evolved into a ring tone for cell phones. The ring tone has traveled abroad and, despite the catcalls, sneers and jeers that greeted this splatter of dialogue, it went on to become a global smash hit. Proudly Philippine-made!

We’re also struck flat with “Hello, Garci” fatigue now.

Garci’s chat-mate in that chit-chat admitted it was her voice alright that we heard. She’s sorry.

It might be Garci’s turn to own up the voice that we’ve all heard. And repeat the self-same refrain. He could also say he’s sorry.

Such sorry sound bytes can be construed as emanations from a sirang plaka. A sirang plaka is dumped into the trash bin.

We don’t expect him to clarify anything about those snippets of dialogue, say, whoever that was that had to be abducted or silenced. We can be willing to consign such slips of the tongue into the realm of urban legends and folklore.

We’ve had enough of “Hello, Garci.”

Both chambers of Congress may want to pry explanations off him with, if it need be, a crowbar or any suitable instrument. That’ll be fodder for news and more speculations.

Fat chance they can hale Garci to appear in those interminable committee hearings to make him blab away secrets.

There’s Executive Order No. 464 those lawmakers can butt or bash their heads on.

Garci is fully covered by that order.

Pray, what can he tell?


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