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Don’t we deserve a go at her?

AS that ancient manual on sex-- Kama Sutra—would have it, congress is two people of opposite sexes screwing each other.

The Congress we’ve grown too familiar with to the point of contempt, why, Congress isn’t only the opposite of progress. Congress is viewed by pundits as over 200 people screwing the entire nation—and we’re not even enjoying their mode of coition.

More than the perks and pork that send ‘em members of Congress into feeding frenzy, there are certain denizens there who dangle monies—shucked off taxpayers’ pockets, of course—to any well-stacked broad or number they take a fancy to or get the hots on.

A little birdie told us about this putative lawmaker on the prowl for young, fresh carcass, the supposedly hard-to-get types which induces any frog—filthy rotten old goat, that’s what it is—to drool like a famished canine. A frog like that is also called palakaplog.

This particular lawmaker skips the niceties of the chase.

Why go through the travails of a chase when oodles and oodles of taxpayers’ money can be used for outright purchase?

So this honorable member of the Casa de los Diputados – pardon the name which sounds a tad close to a house of women of ill-repute-- takes a fancy on a sweet young thing. He hovers over like a hawk spotting a stray chick, asks for the chick’s bank account number. If she hasn’t any bank account number to her name, why, the honorable solon would oblige to open one for her.

Strictly a pecuniary transaction—he opens the bank account for her benefit, she opens her legs for his benefit. We might as well erect a signpost on her mons pubis: “This is where your taxes go.”

The price tag don’t matter much: a whore’s a whore whether she’s paid a measly P300 or a cool P3 million for her carnal services. This generous lawmaker plunks down P3 million to avail of a sweet young thing’s services.

Of course, the sumptuous sums come from us, taxpayers.

Why, we equally hot-blooded taxpayers deserve to have a go at any of his young wards. We deserve to enjoy the pleasures which our monies were used to procure.

All told and as coffeeshop pundits have it, the Rep. honorific tabbed in a lawmaker’s name actually spells out as Reptile.


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