Thursday, November 16, 2006

Bushwhacking season is on

DUBYA Bush will likely be on pins and needles for the next two years before his inevitable dumping in the 2008 elections. His Republican party mates’ hold on Congress chucked loose by the recent mid-term vote, the U.S. head of state will be in for a lot of grilling as lawmakers less friendly to Bush gird for an investigative spree.

America had thrown billions of dollars and thousands of lives in the Bush-sponsored global war against terror. The war wasn’t exactly global in scope—it was a fray largely of Bush’s making against Iraq. Dubya insisted that Iraqi president Saddam Hussein was holding on to a huge cache of weapons of mass destruction that could be launched against the US mainland or any of its ally nations.

After years of occupying Iraq along with an all-out search of every inch of Iraqi territory, not a faint trace of those so-called weapons of mass destruction was found. All that was accomplished was a systematic looting of ancient artifacts and relics of a millenia-old culture. And a wanton desecration of the birthplace of Abraham, the patriarch of Jews and Arabs alike.

A Democrat-run Congress would be asking a lot more. They would likely be interested in digging out compelling reasons rather than lame excuses proffered to the world and the American public by Bush and his crew of cunctators.

Expect that Bush wouldn’t allow such a looming humiliation. Neither would he suffer the torment of being made to take account of the bad decisions and woeful policies he had put to work.

Dubya wouldn’t be made to admit to his pursuit of a dysfunctional administration.

As Washington caught the colds, Manila is likely to go into sneezing fits as both opposition and admninistration gear up for the Philippine version of the mid-term elections next year.

This early, political observers are saying that a sound whipping of administration candidates is in the offing. We’re not buying that cocksure forecast.

Bush and his Republican allies may have not heard of “Hello, Garci” and couldn’t avert the sound thrashing at the polls.

In this neck of the woods, we haven’t shook off the hang-over induced by that horrible hocus-pocus, “Hello, Garci.”

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