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THESE snippets of thoughts had lodged for sometime in my mobile phone... I have erased them. And I chose to keep them here for another browse through.... Edgardo M. Reyes, the mind and man behind the novels, "Sa Mga Kuko ng Liwanag" and "Laro sa Baga" has passed on. His words somehow remain. Here.. In feng shui, taking out or rearranging 27 things in the household will bring boons.

"Cathy: JC got a big break re Nangel's assets. Our instincts are proving us right. Let's dig for more. Get Palace reax. Nangel and wife are jet-setters. NIA regional directors are his minions. They splurge per my sources. They spent huge funds on renovations not irrigation. Let's just be careful about interested people feeds that's why we need to come up with our own." (Joel Sy Egco  3 July 2013 11:18:01)

“Thank you! Nakakagulat natatandaan mo pa. Sana magkausap tayo minsan. Ang problema bedridden ang bida, emphysema; sana totoo ang sabi sa masamang damo.” (Edgardo M. Reyes 14 September 2011 14:37:33)

“Dong. You are the champ! The best. Oh my God. You are a gift to. You know! Love you brother. You never fail to amaze me. ” (Jena 10 October 2011 19:03:25)

“Thanks for the info. Hindi ko alam may sakit  pala si Loren. Ano raw ba naging problema?” (Edgardo M. Reyes  26 October 2011 08:38:14)

“Masarap ba ang uok?  Paano kinakain ‘yun?” (Joel Sy Egco 6 August 2012 11:55:43)
“Coconut nakatira. Parang uod na malaki.” (Joel Sy Egco  6 August 2012 11:59:54)
“You like? Meron ako sa house.” (Joel Sy Egco 6 August 2012 12:05:08)

“Heads up everyone. Our direct line to editorial is now 5245667. The old local 115 is no longer with us. But local 105 is still good. FYI. Thanks. (Joel Sy Egco 11 November 2011 13:05:14)

“Good! Don’t work too hard. Tek says ‘Hi!’ (Rivs 12 November 2011 13:56:28)

“Hi, Dong! Kanginang 5:30 a.m. ko lang nabasa ang text me. Sayang, Naka-join sana  ako, tatawid lang ng kalye. Next time, join ako… (Roger Mangahas 13 November 2011 8:32:55)

“Gud am. I got ur email re results. Pls submit top 15 for both elem and sec today. Tnx po. (639065769754 25 January 2012 9:23:49)

“Pa, kung may madadaanan  po kayong puno (flame tree o fire tree) kuha nyo ako ng  mga buto. Salamat Pa. (Aaron 21 February 2012 8:06:21)

“Aah mga 1 year and 5 months ang estimate ko Pa na makakalipat na kami sa Cavite. Okay lang ba yun kahit hindi muna itanim sa lupa? Sa paso lang muna para ‘di lumaki?” (Aaron 21 February 2012 14:05:30)

“Ok… Gusto ko kasi ‘yung kulay ng bulaklak ‘pag  namumulaklak. Pulang pula.” (Aaron 21 February 2012 14:11:31)

“Papa, punta ka ba dito sa Tagaytay?” (Geng 25 February 2012 18:32:11)

“Nasa left turn to Ateneo kami Tandang Sora ilalim biglang sumigaw si Musa, ‘Uyyy castle!’ pointing to the INC he he” (Raymond 5 March 2012 18:00:19)

“Gud pm, kmuzta kna? Kuya help muna man q, d q makauwe ei, mkpag sex naman q sau e (639488157931 29 March 2012 15:07:15)
“Parang awa u na, d q mka uwe ei, kulang d2 sa pagkain.. 2lungan u na q mkauwe pls pO. (639488157931 12 April 2012 13:24:17)
“Cge na 2k lng naman e. sex byad qO, q makauwe e, pls naman (639488157931 21 April 2012 13:34:16)

“Thank you Dong” (Edgardo M. Reyes 28 May 2012 15:03:48)

“Pa, ano daw dapat gawin pag ganun? Na may tumatawag na reporter” (Geng 1 June 2012 15:58:55)

“Isang pagsaludo para sa isang tatay na mas madulas pa sa hito at mas matinik pa sa tamban… walang bagay na hindi nalulusutan at kahit kelan ay hindi umaamin ng kasalanan. Mabuhay ka! Nawa’y patuloy mong mahalin  ang iyong pamilya kahit marami ka pang mahal na iba. Joke! Off day ntin ngaun. Oh, di panO pare! …Happy Father’s Day!” (Jing Villamente 17 June 2012 08:56:52)

“Malaki! Bsta gus2 k lng my kausap. Pag my tme k lang!” (Jiji 5 July 2012 12:334:20)
“Magkainan tau my beloved mwah” (Faye 5 July 2012 22:30:13)

“Hehe my work n nga pOh pla q., tnx gOd,  ng lunch na pOh kau?” (Benjilyn 21 August 2012 14:05:11)
“OpOh nga eh., hindi po ba kO nkakaistOrbO sa inyO? Nasa work din po ako nOw eh breaktime ko lang po ngayOn.” (Benjilyn 21 August 2012 14:11:31)
“Oh, I see, sobrang busy pO yata kayo ngayOn nOh?” (Benjilyn 21 August 2012 14:20:23)

“Bsta kaya mu yan mylove naniniwala aq sa kakyhan mu. Tsup” (Faye 18 August 2012 16:52:46)


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