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G shot turns on delight but digital tech puts firm pressure to pleasure

SHOWBIZ scuttlebutt ejaculated that a sports icon has come across with a tidy sum to pay for the enlargement of his sexy star girlfriend’s elevator button of sorts—the so-called la bella loca or G spot. It was an earnest bid to make such luscious spot more accessible for both of ‘em during sex, or plunking down money where the lower mouth is.

The non-surgery involves injection of a specially prepared collagen into the bean-sized Grafenberg spot just behind the pubic bone. It’s smack on the upper anterior wall two inches off the adit to the silken depths. The collagen filler swells the spot to the size of a peso coin. That’s for easier and greater area of penile traction.

And that two-bit technical data has fueled tattlers’ wild speculations-- the sports icon’s nether tool may be coming short of over two-inch expectations.

The 15-minute operation costs P50,000, a year’s average yield of profits off a hectare of palay. Chicken feed to folks that come with high incomes. A patient need not be impatient—she can indulge a day after the collagen injection. With such an enhanced spot, some patients report going through the paroxysms of an orgasm just crossing their legs.

However, the collagen is absorbed into the body in 4-6 months. The inner oasis of multiple orgasms reverts to its one centimeter pea size. Not unlike sex, a satisfied patient may desire to go through repeat surgeries coming up with a neat sum every 4-6 months and will likely keep coming back for more.

So much issue about puffing up a bit of tissue. Yet, American College of Gynecologists and Obstetricians fellow and American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology diplomate Dr. Bernabe R. Marinduque who has performed such augmentation on hundreds of women states that a shot on the G spot could change sex lives and nudge out repressed inhibitions.

However, he cautions that the enhancement which was being done since 1996 “works only in 87% of women. (The remaining) 13% I don’t know exactly what the effect is.”

In preliminary studies carried out at the Los Angeles-based Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Institute, he cites that 7% of G shot women reports of (1) enhanced sexual arousal, (2) enhanced sexual gratification, and (3) heightened sexual desire.

“Some of them actually report that they’re also having good sex after having the shot given to them,” he adds.

For the proper patient with the proper motivation (read: daring and willing), Dr. Marinduque can perform a G shot that lasts for keeps.

“It’s very simple. It’s the same way as doing the collagen except that instead of collagen, you’ll be injecting autologous fat from the patient. And so you permanently enlarge the G spot,” he avers.

Vaginal repair surgery pioneer Dr. David Matlock hasn’t tried it yet but the process has been in done in South Korea by Dr. Marinduque’s peers in laser vaginal rejuvenation: “I had some Korean classmates during my training. They were telling me that they were doing this, injecting autologous fats in the G spot. If a woman comes in for a liposuction and she wants the have the G spot enhanced, harvest the fat from liposuction—inject some on the G spot.”

While G spot enhancement with collagen has become standard praxis, the autologous fat injection has yet to be given the Food and Drug Administration go-ahead.

There are consequent risks though: “Infection, fat embolism can happen. Those things can happen. Fat embolism can happen because you’ll be injecting into a perivascular space. That’s one aspect you have to be worried about.”

And the FDA-approved collagen enhancement procedure isn’t exactly risk-free, he implies.

“Infection is one complication that you get into. It’s very rare actually. Another thing is bleeding from the site you put the injection in,” he cites.

One odd complication was attested by a patient in her, uh, no pun intended, blogspot. She felt always on the verge of an orgasm and in one instance while engaged in a chit-chat, she crossed her legs and had an orgasm.

Too, there was a satisfied celebrity customer who phoned from the Netherlands to confess that she had been faking orgasms all the time but got a blast of the 24-karat true-blue mind-blowing climax. She was screaming a confession on the phone, “It was the most fantastic jolt that ever happened to me!”

The special collagen inject kit still comes from Los Angeles in the US mainland, the material developed by G shot pioneer Dr. Matlock and comes with a confidentiality obligation not to divulge its secrets for the sprinkling of G shot practitioners the world over.

“Eventually I’ll be looking for other fillers that’s less expensive than P50,000 a pop,” Dr. Marinduque confesses.

The likely G shot customers range from ages 18 to 55—from the young to the middle aged, “women who are sexually attuned to themselves, they know what they want.”

Even menopausal women, they haven’t paused actually: “They’re sexually active more than you think. So you should not ignore them. So it really depends on the motivation, it really depends on their health. It really depends on their desire.”

And he has his sights firm on the women, not to males who have second thoughts about their partners faking orgasms and want them to have the real thing. “I really want to market it to women, not to men. I believe strongly that women should take hold of their sexuality.”

Couples and lovers have been exploring each other’s bodies, probing with tongue tips and fingertips for erogenous zones for ages. By some stroke of irony, it was German-born ophthalmologist Dr. Ernst Grafenberg who described female ejaculation and the pleasurable erotic zone on the vaginal wall.

It took three decades before the Grafenberg finding was validated. In a 1981 presentation in a New York convention of sexologists, Dr. John D. Perry and Dr. Beverly Whipple bared their finding the spot in all the women they probed—and they named the wee erotic Eden after Dr. Grafenberg, sure tops having a name tabbed after an ailment, an impairment or disease.

Linger a finger on this trigger and the pressure yields pleasure—the spot swells and wells out orgasm, “it can even bring about multiple orgasms,” cites Dr. Marinduque.

Neither Grafenberg nor the Perry-Whipple tandem was the first to have put their fingers on the oasis of orgasms. He points to cultural evidences: “Panamanian women, they call it la bella loca. They know the spot that gives them exquisite, exquisite sensation from stimulation of the anterior wall of the vagina, exactly where the G spot is.

“Among Middle Eastern women, men are taught to stimulate a particular part in the women. Maski ‘di nila nakikita ‘yan, maski nagse-sex silang nakatalukbong, they are taught to stimulate that certain part of the vagina that can pleasure the women.”

For couples of modest means who cannot afford taking a P50,000 shot, there’s always the reliably old-fashioned digital technology—a firm finger on the trigger two inches into her silk portal, just smack on the upper anterior wall to cause temblor after delicious temblor to come.

Or get into aposteriori canine coitus, “that’s the doggy style as we call it or if the woman is seated on the man. It has nothing to do with the angulation of the penis. There’s anthropological reason to that. Do you know of any mammal below human beings that have sexual intercourse in the missionary position?” he notes.

“Can you believe that it’s the girth of the penis that’s important, not the length?” he states with nary a blink or a wink.


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