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Rezos para los muertos

THE workaday commute adds up to a total 5-6 hours— turbo-broiled chicken, ratatouille, dinengdeng, raw fiddlehead fern salad, steamed fish or beef stew takes lesser time, a lot less tedious, and tastier, too.

Me ruego no juego—honest, I prey, oops, pray while in transit. See? It’s more fashionable these days to pray solely at wakes for the dead. Take note: passengers and commuters are in transit. The condition’s too close to that phase “in transition”— a crossing beyond the pernicious reach of taxes and lousy governance, a going to the great six feet under.

So, it’s simply apt and fashionable to mutter or mumble a ton of prayers while in transit. A feast of prayers can be construed as a diet of sorts. It’s glorious food. Call it manna. Maybe it’s ambrosia, godly ichor or intoxicating liquor. Something burns inside, probably in some unexplored regions of the psyche—and it needs to be filled and well-fed to keep its fierce fire alive. Dull embers and cold ashes are for the dead-starved or malnourished.

In transit, I dig in, relish a feast— 99 divine offerings to choose from, each one served by an unseen servitor that smell of sandalwood, honey, or new-mown hay.

Whoever said you are what you eat? I could be dead-wrong but there's more than sustenance, vital nutrients or deadly poisons in what we chew through and ingest. We feed upon lousy viewing fare-- the lousiness rubs in on us. We can invoke vitriol and invectives-- and these noxious substances ooze off the very pores of our skin.

You become what you eat...

Say, here’s a sampling of the feast that I partake….

Ya Basit (The Expander)
One who recites this name 10 times after morning Prayers with open hands will get wealth.

Ya Fattah (The Opener)
One who recites this name will be victorious.

Ya Ghaffar (The Forgiver)
One who recites this name, his sins will be forgiven.

Ya Ghafur (The All Forgiving)
Recitation of this name helps in heal headache, fever & depression.

Ya Ghani (The Self Sufficient)
One who recites this name will be contented and not covetous.

Ya Hadi (The Guide)
One who recites this name frequently will gain spiritual knowledge.

Ya Hafiz (The Preserver)
One who recites this name 16 times each day will be protected against calamities.

Ya Hakam (The Judge)
To one who recites this name frequently at night, many secrets will be revealed to him / her.

Ya Hakim (The Wise)
One who recites this name continuously will prevent him / her from work difficulties.

Ya Halim (The Forbearing One)
Write this name on the piece of paper and put it where the seeds are sown, this will prevent any disaster & calamity to crops.

Ya Hamid (The Praiseworthy)
One who recites this name will be loved and praised

Ya Majeed (The Noble)
One who recites this name, his heart will be enlightened.

Ya Majid (The Most Glorious One)
One who recites this name will gain glory.

Ya Malik (The Sovereign Lord)
One who recites this name frequently will be respected and treated accordingly by others.

Ya Malik-Al-Mulk (The Eternal Owner of Sovereignty)
One who recites this name will get esteem.

Ya Maani (The Preventer)
One who recites this name will have a good family life.

Ya Matin (The Firm One)
One who recites this name will be freed from any troubles.

Ya Muntaqim (The Avenger)
One who recites this name frequently will be victorious against his enemies.

Ya Muqaddim (The Expediter)
Recitation of this name is helpful in the battlefield

Ya Muqit (The Maintainer)
One who recites this name on a glass of water and gives this water to bad mannered child, it will help the child in attaining good manners.

Ya Muqsit (The Equitable)
One who recites this name will be free from the harm of the devil.

Ya Muqtadir (The Powerful)
Recitation of this name helps to know the truth.


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